In a Toddler World December 19-23, 2022

We continue to explore with drawing circle on our board and trying to make eyes and mouth. Maybe we can explore looking more at our reflection. What do you see when you look in a mirror?

IMG_2378 IMG_2377

IMG_2375 IMG_2376

First we cut, then we glue with ribbon. We practice with cutting the ribbon, which was very hard to do.

IMG_2341 IMG_2342

IMG_2338 IMG_2334


We made a tunnel outside this week with the tubes. We had fun running under it with our friends. We used cars too. We then added some streamers to running out it. It was so much fun with all of our friends.

IMG_2323 IMG_2315

IMG_2318 IMG_2313

IMG_2314 IMG_2280

IMG_2238 IMG_2237


We did some painting with  cotton balls. It was so much fun, we dip and dap on our paper. We made some lovely pictures.

IMG_2308 IMG_2305

IMG_2300 IMG_2303

IMG_2292 IMG_2289

We explored with dressed up and danced to christmas music this week. We helped our friends doing dress up too.

IMG_2276 IMG_2275

Our toddlers got very creative by using the chair to make strollers to push their babies around the room. What a great idea!

IMG_2269 IMG_2261




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