Toddler Time December 12-16, 2022

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Gluing with the toddlers! We cut up some tissue paper to glue, the children had the option to spread the glue or use a glue bottle. Most chose to squeeze the glue bottle, working those fine motor skills and watching it drip onto their paper, then filling it with sparkly green tissue paper!

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What can we build? During outdoor play we love to construct with the wooden blocks. We built a tree, a house and the children still show interest in tools. They bring the tools over to assist in our construction!

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Sand fun! The sand bin offers open ended play for the children to explore filling and dumping and a great sensory activity.

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We have noticed the toddlers enjoy taking lids on and off containers. We provided gift boxes with various sizes that they could explore. They enjoyed being able to stack the boxes, opening and closing and even wearing the lids as hats!

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Building is a favorite in the toddler room. This week we explored with Christmas bulbs and plastic cups. More loose parts that the children are able to manipulate how they see fit. We stacked the cups, put balls inside cups and one friend even noticed his reflection!

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Painting and creating a masterpiece. The toddlers have been demonstrating an interest in drawing their families. “My mommy.” We are trying to teach the how to draw shapes, some are able to draw circles and lines! Younger friends enjoy painting just as much as a sensory experience.

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Continuing to dump and fill. This is an activity all toddlers love to do! It helps them create pathways for learning. Once its full and they dump they can repeat the process giving them a sense of completion. We continue to offer various activities to help fulfill this stage.

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When we are stuck inside due to the weather it doesn’t stop us from moving! Toddlers are able to enjoy gross motor activities indoors to help build their muscles and have fun!

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Another example of the toddlers creating portrait’s. They enjoy using the writing pads.

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Water play! Nothing better than some good old water play for toddlers to enjoy! We coloured the water red, provided some containers and away they went! They tend to enjoy this activity and will stay for an extended period of time.


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