The Highlights! Dec. 12-16, 2022

The preschoolers worked together on creating a giant Christmas tree. They focussed on following the line and painting within it.

IMG_4181 IMG_4185

They practiced their cutting skills by snipping up paper and gluing it to the tree to simulate lights.

IMG_4232 IMG_4234 IMG_4236 IMG_4237

Pom poms we’re also added to resemble ornaments. What a great collaborative effort among  friends.

IMG_4303 IMG_4305

We also made snowmen using cotton balls, glue and googly eyes. So festive!

IMG_4296 IMG_4298 IMG_4299 IMG_4300 IMG_4301 IMG_4302

They practiced folding the paper and making snips to create snowflakes too!

IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4329 IMG_4330 IMG_4333 IMG_4334

Filling and dumping and color exploration were the driver of the play this week while doing water play.

IMG_4322 IMG_4321

Some peers pretended to make bubbly volcanoes too!

IMG_4320 IMG_4319 IMG_4317 IMG_4316 IMG_4314

They love imitating the construction while engaging with the sand.

IMG_4239 IMG_4238

Little clear cups were added for loose part exploration. Again, we see the filling and dumping schema at play.


Some peers pretended to make smoothies and other drinks while using the materials as well.

IMG_4241 IMG_4242

Opened ended materials promote imagination and focused play.

IMG_4245 IMG_4246 IMG_4306

We used a variety of toys to encourage problem solving among peers. Shape recognition was supported through this play as well.

IMG_4295 IMG_4292 IMG_4294 IMG_4291 IMG_4290 IMG_4187

The children love to build with many different things. It fosters self regulation and social skills like team work.

IMG_4221 IMG_4247 IMG_4264 IMG_4266 IMG_4268

Sorting the cars by color…


Peers pretend to work just like mommy and daddy…

IMG_4182 IMG_4324

They take turns pretending to be doctor and the patient what their symptoms are furthering the language skills.

IMG_4222 IMG_4225 IMG_4226

Role play like making cookies and toast in the kitchen.


Peers used chairs and pretended to ride the bus to places like the beach, park and the zoo.


IMG_4269 IMG_4270

We looked at flyers and labeled familiar objects seen and peers let us know what they wanted for Christmas.

IMG_4325 IMG_4205

The preschoolers love to fill up gift bags and pretend to give them to friends. It is also a great sorting activity when they have to return the items back to where they got them from.

IMG_4206 IMG_4215 IMG_4280 IMG_4227

Christmas cookie cutters were offered and peers rolled their dough out first and then made a variety of Christmas themed cookies for their parents.

IMG_4213 IMG_4211 IMG_4208

We love dancing to Christmas music too!

IMG_4220 IMG_4218

A mindful breathing cube is fun and supports positive mental health!

IMG_4286 IMG_4288 IMG_4284

The children loved finding and breaking the ice on the playground this week.

IMG_4191 IMG_4192

Building houses together…

IMG_4193 IMG_4194 IMG_4201

Creating barriers and construction zones where they can fix things like the fence and bikes.

IMG_4197 IMG_4250 IMG_4311

A spirited game of hockey among friends!

IMG_4251 IMG_4255

Working together to create obstacle courses that fostor balancing and following direction.

IMG_4256 IMG_4258 IMG_4259 IMG_4310

Racing in a variety of ways and moving our body in a variety of ways using the gross motor cube keeps us warm on  cold days!

IMG_4195 IMG_4263 IMG_4312


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