The Highlights! Dec. 5-9, 2022

Christmas is the interest these days. Peers challenge themselves with festive puzzles and expand their vocabulary while telling us what they want for Christmas when looking through the toy catalogues.


Decorating the Christmas tree and dancing to Christmas music really puts us in the holiday spirit.




The children pretended to skate using blocks and pretended to give each other Christmas presents. What a great time of year!

IMG_4166 IMG_4167

We extended our interest in drawing faces and people by offering items to create a 3-d person. Peers were very proud of their creations.


Some peers chose to paint their mom’s and dad’s too.

IMG_4158 IMG_4159

Role play is such an integral part of developing a child’s sense of self. This week they enjoyed pretending to grocery shop.


A spontaneous activity of matching pictures and labels to food they bought occurred through this experience.  What a great example of children extending their learning independently.  Such capable and competent individuals!


Peers practice their fine motor skills in notebooks too!


Loose parts continue to intrigue and engage the children.



Sand and water play engage the children’s senses and promotes social and cognitive development.


Peers used tongs and mini strainers to find letters and shiny jewels among the bubbly water!

IMG_4142 IMG_4143 IMG_4146IMG_4144

Interacting and exploring live creatures like snails and potato bugs helps children learn more about the natural world.


Using a variety of open ended materials to build and imagine with promotes a child’s sense of expression.

IMG_4019 IMG_4020IMG_4025


Counting number blocks and sorting shapes happen naturally when the environment is rich and stimulating.


A cozy area to self regulate and promote our literacy skills.

IMG_4023 IMG_4024


A giant exercise ball was a fun way to move our bodies ad practice turn taking.

IMG_4029 IMG_4030 IMG_4031IMG_4137

We love to fix items on the playground like bikes, the pavement and the fence.

IMG_4034 IMG_4035

IMG_4165 IMG_4164

Obstacle courses. The possibilities are endless and a great way to exercise our gross motor skills.

IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4038 IMG_4040 IMG_4041 IMG_4045

IMG_4134 IMG_4126

A giant game of bowling promoted accuracy and turn taking.

IMG_4130 IMG_4131

Racing in variety of ways builds our endurance and creativity!

IMG_4127 IMG_4138 IMG_4139


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