A Look Back at Our Week – December 5-9, 2022

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This week the preschoolers explored their creativity through painting and gluing. They glued objects like cotton balls and yarn to create faces on paper, and added paints for extra colour.

IMG_2594IMG_2595IMG_2588  IMG_2582  IMG_2583

The preschoolers explored a habitat for snails and bugs using wood and some vegetables. They used celery sticks to try feeding the snails, and poking the bugs to watch them roll into little balls.

IMG_2508IMG_2442 IMG_2710IMG_2441

They also worked with peers to build houses from magnets. They added walls to separate different rooms, and placed Lego furniture inside to make it look like a real house.

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They also cared for dolls by giving them haircuts, baths, and role playing as doctors to care for them when they were sick!

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Outside they practiced playing hockey in groups, making their own goal posts for targets. They created different obstacle courses where they tested their balance and how far they could jump. They also discovered an exercise ball which they used to roll, bounce, and throw. Then, they decided to use wooden blocks to trap the ball inside and stop it from rolling away.


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