The Highlights! Nov 21-25, 2022

The snow was an exciting discovery on the playground this week. Peers eagerly shoveled the white stuff into a crate and tried to make a snow castle. Such great teamwork displayed!


IMG_3756 IMG_3757 IMG_3758 IMG_3760 IMG_3761 IMG_3762 IMG_3763

More teamwork was observed as peers built an obstacle course using a variety of materials.



IMG_3809 IMG_3811 IMG_3812 IMG_3816

Precious moments!


The children did such an amazing job drawing faces, adding bodies and many facial features.

IMG_3767 IMG_3768 IMG_3769 IMG_3770 IMG_3771 IMG_3772 IMG_3773 IMG_3774 IMG_3775IMG_3798 - Copy

A friend was so kind to bring in rocks for everyone to paint and eventually add to our garden outside. They painted them and added sparkles. What a great example of family engagement!

IMG_3824 IMG_3825 IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3833

A variety of loose parts to explore has engaged the children’s minds and sparked so much creativity.

IMG_3776 IMG_3753 IMG_3751

IMG_3749 IMG_3746 IMG_3745 IMG_3744 IMG_3743 IMG_3740 IMG_3739

IMG_3799 - Copy IMG_3795 - Copy

Peers continue to imitate the construction seen outside…

IMG_3750 IMG_3778

The marble maze has promoted great problem solving skills among peers…

IMG_3754 IMG_3755

IMG_3800 IMG_3801


Till next week!



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