A Peek into our Week…November 14-18,2022

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When we are unable to go outside and move our bodies we create space in our classroom! We brought in the big bus tent that the children love and riding toys to help move our gross motor muscles!

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Tool time in the toddler room! We continue to show interest in tools, so we brought in mallets and golf tee’s. The toddler’s were able to ‘hammer’ the tee into styrofoam, and pull them out to try again.

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Our new favorite task with the babies is changing their poopy diapers! “My baby poop.” We have provided real diapers for the toddler to practice with, they continue to demonstrate their empathy and care taking skills.

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We brought out play dough and the plastic utensils to continue to practice our fine motor skills. Some toddlers used the utensils to cut, demonstrating their understanding of how to properly use the tool. We also pull the playdough apart, roll it, even pull off tiny pieces they like to roll in between their fingers. This is all a great sensory experience and strengthening our fine motor skills.

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Can you cut a strawberry? This week we decided to challenge the toddler’s to cut up a strawberry, they observed it first and knew what it was. Some tried to eat it right away, others used the knife to try and cut it up. We discovered it is much harder to do than the banana last week. Some required assistance while others were persistent and able to cut a piece off! After their hard work they enjoyed eating them! What will we try and cut next week?


Gluing project. We have started a process art project this week. We used cut up pieces of fabric and glue. The toddlers were encouraged to use the materials as they seen fit. Some used paintbrushes to add glue, while others dipped the fabric in the glue! We will continue to add various items to our gluing project to create a masterpiece.


Loose Parts with toddlers. We have introduced some loose parts to the toddlers this week. Some natural materials that we place out and observe how they use them. Some toddlers tried stacking the sticks, looking through the little hole playing peek-a-boo with their peers and then made music with the sticks and tree cuts. Great activity to allow open free play and watch their creativity flow.


Viewing our toddlers as capable and competent, we provided a log with nails for the toddlers to hammer. They enjoyed this activity very much! We used 3 different types of hammers, real hammer, mallet and a mini hammer. Overall they preferred the mallet as it was lighter and easier for them to use. We will continue to explore tools and their use.


Toddlers love to paint! We enjoy getting creative and usually ends up in the toddlers using their hands to spread the paint as they enjoy the sensory experience!


Bundling up for the colder weather wont stop us from riding bikes and riding toys! The toddlers are loving the more space on our new playground.


Playing with our snails. We continue to care for our snails and bring them out to observe and play with. The toddlers have done a great job on using a gentle touch with picking them up or petting them. We used some loose parts to create an area the snails could crawl along, the toddlers were fascinated and watched them closely.


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