The Highlights! Nov 14-18, 2022

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Cutting and gluing increases our fine motor skills while drawing pictures of ourselves and family members fosters our sense of self and others.

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The children promote their literacy skills while tracing letters for our doctor’s office and waiting room sign. It is an opportunity to learn things like rinsing in between paint colors and labelling colors seen.

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They added real branches to the apple tree we have been working on for a few weeks now…


The preschoolers enjoyed making sensory bottles with our mohawk student.

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We explored leaves on the light table and a variety of loose parts.  Such engagement and focus has been demonstrated through these experiences as well as skills like classifying and sorting.

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The children continue to take care of their snail friends; feeding them different vegetables and engaging in discussion regard their observation of the creatures.

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They watered their apple seeds and checked for growth and also watered the other plants in the classroom. This fosters a sense of responsibility and independence.

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The preschoolers love signing peers in at the doctor’s office and attending to their patient’s needs.

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Peers continue to care for their babies, displaying such empathy and kindness.

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The Gas Station continues to engage peers, sometimes we self serve  and other times we get the full serve experience.

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The gross motor dice created by our mohawk student is a fun way to increase development in this area.

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The children continue to observe the construction and imitate what they are seeing not only here at the daycare but with the world around them.



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