Imagine. Create. Learn. Nov. 7-11, 2022

This week we utilized our chalk boards as an opportunity to stand and paint. We always sit at the table, so we thought why not work our posture and stand while doing an activity. The toddlers loved it! They had fun mixing the paints and making different creations.

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What is in our sensory bin? This week we filled the bin with leaves. We have shown an interest in exploring leaves outside, so we brought them in for a closer look. We added our gourds and plastic insects to find with the magnifying glasses. We also enjoy throwing the leaves up in the air and watching them fall down! It’s a great activity for texture and becoming familiar with natural items.

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Fine motor activities! The toddlers explored with coloured bears and tweezers. They enjoy matching the colours and cups. We challenged them to see if they can pick up the bears with the tweezers, this working their fine motor skills! We will continue to tackle this task, maybe finding smaller tweezers or tongs for their small hands.

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Our fine motor skills help us build skills such as cutting and the use of scissors. We are familiar with scissors; however, we are still learning how to functionally use them. Great attempts and we will continue to build this skill.

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Transition of the playground.  When we returned to daycare on Monday, a few things looked different on the playground. The lookout tower was gone and a small, raised box was where it use to stand. The toddlers enjoyed exploring it, walking up and down, once comfortable starting jumping off the side! One, Two, Three …Jump! They would laugh and do it again.

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Tool Time! We also found an abundance of tools! We set up some wooden planks for the toddlers to “fix” They used the tools, identifying the hammer and demonstrating how to properly use it. They enjoyed wearing the hard hats and turn taking with the tools. While playing they tend to stop and look over at the construction still going on, it’s a great cross reference between their play and real life.

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Simple colouring and stickers goes along way! Again, we are working on fine motor skills with peeling the stickers and pincer grasp with holding the crayons. We offer choice of colours and label as we colour. It’s a fun time to be creative as we learn!

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Following the children’s lead and their interest in using a knife. One of our peers demonstrated how they understood that we cut things on a cutting board, so this week we practiced this skill by cutting a banana. First, we explored the banana and its texture with the skin on, we found it was hard to cut through the skin. We worked together to peel it off and found it much easier to cut the banana! They were each given a piece to cut and taste. We will continue to practice this skill, I wonder what we can cut next.

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It’s not just a box! The toddlers just love a big cardboard box because the possibilities are endless!! We pretended that we were in a car, a bus and then a rocket ship! We shook the box as we blasted off to the moon and the toddlers laughed and smiled. This is a great activity to encourage their imagination and creativity making the box whatever they want.

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Hammer Time! We brought in rubber mallets and golf tees for the toddlers to explore and build on their tool interest.  It was amazing to watch them demonstrate their understanding of how to properly use the tool. They were able to hammer the tee down with minimal assistance, then they would put another one in and try again. They appeared to enjoy this activity, maybe next week we can try screws and screwdrivers.

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Remembrance Day in the toddler room: We collected various loose parts for the toddler’s to be able to explore and give them some exposure to items that represent Remembrance Day, such as the poppy. What is it? “Flower” was the response from one toddler. They may not understand the meaning or importance of the day, however they are being exposed to signs and symbols they will later be able to connect.

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