The Highlights! Oct 31-Nov. 4, 2022



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The snails continue to intrigue the children. They enjoy watching their movement and feeding them. So much rich converstation comes out of these experinaces, If you see any worms or bugs when your’re out and about feel free to bring them in so we can extend our habitat.

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Halloween Festivities!! Peers enjoyed decorating heir treat bags with Halloween stickers donated.

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Gross motor is always a favourite! Jumping off the horse onto the mat and racing on riding toys increase muscle strength and endurance.

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Group Picture!!!

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Trick or treating around the centre…



Exploring pumpkin contents was a great activity that promoted sensory exploration and cognitive skills like filling and dumping.

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Collaborating with stickers on our Halloween sign fosters fine motor skills.

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The preschoolers said they wanted to make construction and train signs next. So we researched what the signs looked like an got to work; using many different tools to support our fine motor skills.

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Using our new road signs on the playground was exciting. Peers helped create arald road track with chalk and a wooden train with the giant wooden blocks. What great imaginations!

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The children continue to enjoy using scissors. We offered leaves to support this interest. It seems to be a very calming and focused activity for the group.

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The preschoolers worked together to create a tree; following the lines with their paint brush, tracing circles and gluing their ‘apples’ to the tree. Maybe we’ll add some real leaves to extend this activity.

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