In A Toddler World This Week….October 31-November 4, 2022

We had a great Halloween here at the centre. We all got dress up and went trick or treat, got lots of goodies. We had fun craving out our pumpkin too and we planted the pumpkin seeds too. It was just fun day here dressing up with all my friends.

IMG_0460 IMG_0455

IMG_0462 IMG_0466

IMG_0469 IMG_0472

The toddlers were unsure of the seeds inside the pumpkin, we had fun exploring and feeling them. Also trying to pick them up with our hands. We even made a face for our pumpkin.

IMG_0506 IMG_0510

IMG_0508 IMG_0511

IMG_0513 IMG_0533

We explored with some painting at the table this week. We spread all the colours together and using the brushes in many different ways.

IMG_0443 IMG_0444


Our big interest in playing Mommy and Daddy’s right now. We been talking about how babies go to the potty and the children would actually sit them down on them. But they needed a diaper like some of them wear. So, we been working on self-help skills, with dressing and putting on diaper.

IMG_0544 IMG_0546

IMG_0597 IMG_0599

Building homes for our babies outside with our new blocks.

IMG_0611 IMG_0610

IMG_0617 IMG_0612

Taking our babies for walks with the scooters.

IMG_0624 IMG_0625

We also giving our babies bath so we can make them nice and clean. What great mommies and daddies we have in our room.

IMG_0650 IMG_0647


Some other friends enjoying filling and dumping in the bin. By using different objects that we can use.

IMG_0660 IMG_0656


We made a hopscotch outside, to help with counting and running back and forth with our friends.

IMG_0688 IMG_0678

IMG_0680 IMG_0667


We worked on gluing with paper. We tried to cut but found it challenging, so we did was ripe the paper.

IMG_0585 IMG_0580

IMG_0572 IMG_0574

Cooking outside with our friends this week, using the outdoor kitchen. We used bowls and spoon to work on our fine motor.

IMG_0557 IMG_0548

IMG_0556 IMG_0547



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