A Week in Review – October 31 – November 4

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This week the preschoolers used Halloween themed cutouts to decorate and create a collage. We used googly eyes and foam pieces to create creatures like bats and spiders. We collaborated to glue them onto the collage, or draw onto it with markers and crayons. We also beaded some bracelets using pipe cleaners and lettered beads to spell our names.

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Some preschool friends also explored the sensory bin using different textured materials. They filled up and sorted containers using tongs and shovels, and others decided to use the materials to make a construction site.

IMG_1662 IMG_1665 IMG_1663 IMG_1634

The preschoolers used wooden blocks and magnets to build different kinds of structures. We used the wooden blocks to fill the toy crane and make a construction site, and magnets to build a fire station and a police station for our toy cars and paw patrol characters.

IMG_1732  IMG_1599  IMG_1607

On the playground we used stop signs and stop lights we made to direct friends riding bikes. We added paper tickets to hand to each other when we crossed the traffic signs. We also did some Halloween themed gross motor activities in the classroom like making a pinata for friends to knock down, and playing with Halloween coloured balloons.


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