Fall Festivities October 24-28, 2022



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Last week one of our friends gathered a gourd, plastic knife and cutting board and brought it to the table. There he demonstrated his skills and understanding of how to cut an object. We observed closely as his peers gathered and mimicked his actions. Deeper questions and conversations of “what do you think is inside the gourd?”  “will it be hard to cut?”

Together we cut a few gourds to explore, to our surprise they were really hard and tough to cut. We cut one and the children had fun exploring the seeds and pulp inside. We decided to plant the seeds and see if anything happens. Can we grow a pumpkin?

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We have had fun exploring and creating with the new set of blocks outside! They enjoy building a house or bed for their babies. Were not only using our gross motor muscles lifting and building but this demonstrates their care taking skills, and empathy for others.

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Getting creative with play dough! We used loose parts to create funny faces and monsters! Some toddlers were able to identify the body parts and held them up to their own.

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Outside we had fun scooping and transferring items in the kitchen, This activity is great to help our friends master the function of utensils. Some friends brought their babies to the table and pretended to feed them, demonstrating their care taking skills.

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Getting creative outside! We glued some leaves to our paper, talking about how they are changing colours. We notice a lot on the ground, we pick them up to add to our creations. Some friends enjoy the texture as they squeeze them in their hands.

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Enjoying our new fidget toys! The possibilities are endless with fidget toys. The toddlers are able to manipulate them into anything they want. Some friends have discovered that the tubes will connect and they can wear them as bracelet’s . Other use them as a phone, I wonder what else they can create.

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In keeping up with the pumpkin season, we brought in a big orange pumpkin for the toddlers to explore. While we were using markers at the table, one of our friends walked over to the pumpkin ans started colouring on it, so we took their lead and brought it to the table for them to decorate with markers and stickers!


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