Its’s a Toddler World October 17-21, 2022

We introduce some halloween stickers for our window in the room and also exploring with the spider web in the sensory bin. We added bugs and light to see what will happen.

IMG_9984 IMG_9991

IMG_9986 IMG_9995

Lots of building and playing with our friends on the carpet this week. We been very interest in the wooded blocks with building tall towers, then knocking them down!

IMG_9981 IMG_9982

IMG_9980 IMG_9974

IMG_9979 IMG_9973

IMG_0182 IMG_9972

We explored with. many different ways of painting this week, using paint brushes, cars and spray bottles. It’s great to see them all using it in different ways.

IMG_0175 IMG_0179

IMG_0173 IMG_0034

IMG_0038 IMG_0033

IMG_0010 IMG_0007

Using acorns to explore with the playdoh this week. What happens, does it makes different shapes or lines. Can we make things out of these. Or do playdoh tools work much better. So many theories and this how we learn.

IMG_0018 IMG_0024

IMG_0019 IMG_0025

We continue to take care of our snails in the room. We noticed that we didn’t leave any food for them. So we got some veggies for them to eat.

IMG_0042 IMG_0048


We been busy using the ramp this week and using the cars with all our friends.

IMG_0053 IMG_0056

IMG_0055 IMG_0059

We tried some lime this week. The toddlers seems to enjoy it, we squeezed out the juice and put it in the cup. I wonder what else we can make.

IMG_0064 IMG_0065

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

IMG_0074 IMG_0070

IMG_0077 IMG_0075

IMG_0086 IMG_0082


We been working on using the hockey sticks and hitting the ball around the yard with our friends. Working on eye coordination and paying attention to where the ball will go next.

IMG_0159 IMG_0160


We put up sone letters in our room and the children are really noticing the letters and how they look in the picture. We been singing and labeling each letter. Some children are starting to point to the first letter of their names. Way to go toddlers.

IMG_0164 IMG_0015

What a great week in the toddler world, I wonder what new discoveries we will discover next.


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