Fall Fun! Oct. 10-14, 2022


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Obstacle Course outside. The toddlers enjoy walking and balancing on the planks of wood. This is a great activity to work our gross motor skills and balancing skills. To challenge them we prop up a block for them to practice stepping up and down!

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Fall fun has started in the toddler room. Last week we explored leaves that are changing colours and pinecones! This week we explored light up pumpkins, pinecones and acorns! We add them to our sensory bin with sand and letters. We play hide and seek the letters, identifying which letter is found or for whose name. This simple activity will help the toddlers learn letter recognition as well as a sensory experience! IMG_9827 IMG_9829 IMG_9830 IMG_9832 IMG_9833

Balls!! The toddlers continue to show an interest in balls; whether they are throwing, rolling or bouncing the balls, they just enjoy their movement! We notice one friend enjoyed throwing the balls into a bucket, so we brought in a small basketball net. We attached it to the ball maze at first for their height, and then to challenge them we put it higher to encourage them to stand up and shoot the ball.

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Exploring more leaves outside. We brought out paper leaf cutouts for the children to explore. We sang songs about the leaves changing colours and went on a hut for real leaves.

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Our garden outside has now turned into our new sensory bin. The children enjoy digging and dumping. We used the round cake pans to fill, adding facial features with rocks and leaves. The toddlers enjoy exploring their creativity and open-ended play in the dirt.

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Snails! We continue to care and play with our snails. Some friends did research and decided we need to find a stick to add to our tank. We like to bring them out of the tank to take a closer look and watch them slither around. We used playdough to try and re-create them while they sat on a mirror in the middle of the table.

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Creating fall pictures. We used sparkly cut outs of leaves to glue onto our paper. We worked our fine motor muscles while we squeezed the glue bottles and enjoy watching it drip down onto our paper. Some of our friends used brushes to spread the glue and add more leaves. Next week we are going to try and glue with real leaves, II wonder if they will find a difference.


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