So Much Fun and Learning! Oct 3-7, 2022

Some peers have shown great interest in letter tracing these past couple of weeks. We extended it by offering letter tracing worksheets. More children are becoming interested in this activity based on peer imitation. Some children can copy the letter seen, while others are tracing the existing letters . We have observed that some children have the pincer grasp needed to be able to write while others are going to need support. So, we will offer activities next week that will promote development in this area.

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We offered a class list to add to the doctors kit. Peers excitedly found their name and while some checked it off others drew the first letter of their name. Fantastic! Going forward we thought we would create a sign in sheet for the children to use every morning when arriving. What a great way to foster name recognition and also a sense of belonging!

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The preschoolers love to express themselves by drawing pictures and telling us about them too. They even used fidget toy strigs to create letters! So many examples of literacy and fine motor development!


The addition of a cozy area in P2 has really engaged the children’s sensories with soft materials, fidget toys and books. It is the new favorite spot among the group!

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Peers have enjoy experimenting with light and heavy concepts using the scale this week. They have hypothesized outcomes and learned a lot!

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Dramatic play in the kitchen with play dough and plastic food ignites their imaginations.

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Dress up and role play as the doctor increases the children’s sense of self.

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Building a farm and adding animals and materials to increase engagement.

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Helping new friends builds relationships and gives a sense of belonging


Washing babies with real water and bubbles is the best type of role play!

IMG_2849 IMG_2848

What aspiring young parents!


Our pet frog continues to interest friends as does snails.

IMG_2820 IMG_2821

IMG_2762 IMG_2769

Simple group games like Ring around the Rosie builds relationships and belonging too!



Creativity is fostered with the giant ball maze.

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Imitating the crane and turn taking promotes social skills.

IMG_2792 IMG_2791

Peers role played “gas station” while riding the bikes. They were very inventive with the props used to “fill er up”. We can’t wait to extend this interest further!

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