Our Brand New Week – September 6-9, 2022

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The preschoolers have been using the sand inside to fill and dump with containers and construction vehicles. A few of them have been making sand castles using the containers as well.

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We investigated the magnets this week to see where we can stick them and what we can do with them.

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A few of the preschoolers have taken to riding bikes together, swapping off on the two/three person bikes. Sometimes one friend will pretend to be a monster and chase the friends around the playground.

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The preschoolers set up the water maze and discovered that they can roll balls down the ramp on it. They took turns rolling different balls down into a step stool.

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We continue to see how creative the preschoolers can be when it comes to building structures using different materials both inside and outside.


The preschoolers have been using different types of paint to express how they see the world. Making strokes with vibrant colours and trying to create recognizable pictures.

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While outside, the preschoolers took part in a series of group games such as hockey and baseball. They also sat in a circle and took turns rolling a ball amongst each other.IMG_0218 IMG_0183 IMG_0184IMG_0226 IMG_0232IMG_0159

Our water bin and sand bin outside have been being utilized by the preschoolers to gage the reaction water has on other parts of the environment. The preschoolers continue to use the sand to make food and build sand castles.



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