The Highlights! Aug 8-12, 2022

We are noticing that the tomatoes are turning red and the sunflower  is being eaten by the birds! The green peppers are getting bigger. Could we make homemade salsa for grad next week with our veggies from the garden?

IMG_1780 IMG_1783 IMG_1784IMG_1877

Obstacle courses swinging and little feathers; where did they come from?

IMG_1785IMG_1853 IMG_1787

Roads for the bikes, problem solving and role play with animals.

IMG_1790 IMG_1818IMG_1855 IMG_1819

Balloons with just water or air and water are a great way to encourage turn taking and sharing. Sometimes they pop- oh no!

IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1874

Such creative building with the blocks.


Role play with our homemade vacuum cleaner, being the doctor and using new cell phones to call mommy..



Making blueberry banana smoothie popsicles!

IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1826 IMG_1828

Taste testing!


We loved eating our homemade smoothie popsicles!


Starting our paper mache volcano by ripping strips of paper..

IMG_1832 IMG_1833

Painting the base of our new habitat and paper macheing a bottle  for our new volcano. Very messy business!


We continued to paint our base and then added puffy glue to the 'lake and volcano to simulate lava!

IMG_1878 IMG_1880 IMG_1882

A spontaneous activity of creating a cardboard cut out of  a child sparks a mini long term project and some great discussion on genders, body parts and self concept.

IMG_1801 IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1813

Adding features to our cardboard person; such as hair eyes and nose...


Writing our names all by ourselves..


We welcome the addition of 2 new fish, clams and river snails to our water habitat!


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