Playing and Learning (May 30-June 03, 2022)

This week we had few scorching hot days and since potatoes love warm days, we moved them outdoor.


Preschoolers loved to fill their cups and bowls and water the plants!

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Following preschoolers' interest in car wash, we created one on the playground! Peers worked hard on creating a sign for car wash and hot temperatures gave us a chance to use water for cleaning our bikes...

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Enjoying Popsicle under hot sun...

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We used our sticky Popsicle sticks to catch ants!

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Friends took part in different physical activities such as jumping contest and bike riding races...

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Peers showing us their flexibility and gymnastics moves...

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Some friends love picnic and sunbath better than racing...

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We keep taking care of plants and the living creatures we have in our classroom...They are continuous sources of wonder in the room. Snails are pooping red because their feeding on red peppers and baby snails are growing bigger gradually. The caterpillars are turning into cocoons and worms are busy digging holes in he dirt!

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We noticed that due to heat and humidity there are mushrooms growing in our snail aquarium! A hot debate was going on about poisonous mushrooms and safety around mushrooms. Gordon said snails know mushrooms are harmful for them so they don't eat them!! Very smart theory!

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We put sand in a glass jar and transferred ants into their new home, hoping to create an ant farm...

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This is the season for Maple tree seeds (AKA helicopters) to mature and dance their way down to ground. We took some seeds in the classroom and created cool art work gluing and painting them...

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Many friends are labeling their art work as rainbow. Following this interest we took out flashlights and CDs to repeat our rainbow discovery experiment for a second time. This would help preschoolers to review the colors of rainbow

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We love colours and mixing them to create new colors or different hues. This time preschoolers took part in an experiment to see how paint behaves differently in water versus oil! "Oil is not changing color", "Look at those paint drops" they exclaimed!!  When oil was poured on top of the water and paint drops started to find their way to the bottom of jar, peers were utterly surprised and started to guess the final color resulting from mixing al those colors!

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We have lots of tea parties and preschoolers are making and offering tea or coffee on a daily basis. We followed this interest and had a real tea party where they could taste real tea! they were supervised to prepare and serve decaf strawberry tea and shared their opinion about the taste!

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Sand-play and building with blocks...

IMG_0278 IMG_0295

Seth built his home and told us a lot of details about his house!

IMG_0204 IMG_0205

William built a house for the Pawpetrol!

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

Seth built a "pizza with extra pieces" which looked like a cat!!! He also made a huge garbage truck and a wonderful "vacuum cleaner"!

IMG_0212 IMG_0271IMG_0347IMG_0348

Oakley made a huge "granola bar" using blocks!


Preschoolers use the cash register to learn about currency, numbers and shopping skills!

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Peers traced alphabet using paint brushes and created a sign for our outdoor car wash..

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