Learning through play- April 18-22

This week we noticed that birds are using the material we are offering to build their nest!


After a new set up for our outdoor kitchen, children enthusiastically are busy preparing food and going on picnic!

IMG_9014 IMG_9015 IMG_9017 IMG_9018

Swinging is one of our favorite activities...

IMG_9045 IMG_9048

This week we tried incorporating a rope into our races...


Friends watched carefully how Gill fixed the chalk board and then started fixing things by themselves...


This week we transplanted our potatoes into soil and al friends who were interested helped with this process. we are looking forward to seeing potato plants growing leaves!

IMG_8998 Picture1 Picture2IMG_9105IMG_9106IMG_9107IMG_9110IMG_9112IMG_9113IMG_9114IMG_9117

We keep observing and taking care of our other plants...

IMG_9026 IMG_9029

Peers glued some natural materials on to the cardboard and created a roof for the bird nest. We put the nest out in the playground. Do the birds like it?!

IMG_9071 IMG_9072 IMG_9077 IMG_9078


We love water play and we love colors! Mixing colors is fun!!

IMG_9128 IMG_9129 IMG_9131

We enjoy doing puppet shows and acting as different animals in stories...

IMG_9161 IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9165

Literacy and tracing alphabets going on in different forms...

IMG_9089 IMG_9092 IMG_9093 IMG_9140

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