Our Week in a Nutshell – November 22-26, 2021


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Lately the preschoolers have been preferring to use our water colour paints to create their artwork. We have begun to notice that each preschooler has their own individual painting style.

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When the preschoolers aren't painting, they are practicing their drawing skills on paper and white boards. Some have even shown an interest in tracing using the light table.

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While we often see the preschoolers showing their caring an nurturing side towards each other, we are now beginning to see it through their play. Through watering our mini herb garden to feeding and putting babies to bed, the preschoolers show their love for the world around them.

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The preschoolers continue to explore sand in the sensory bin, watching it flow out of containers. Lately they have been burying objects in the sand and trying to find them later.

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Our new train set has become a favorite toy among the preschoolers. They are challenged to figure out how to put it together and have been learning to wait for their turn with the trains.

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A few of the preschoolers decided to work together to see how tall of a tower they could make by stacking pegs. They worked it out so that one person would hold the tower while another added the pegs.


The creativity and collaboration among our preschoolers when it comes to building with the magnets has been evident. The structures they have been building have been unique and complex, resulting in them using problem solving to manage the magnet shapes they have.

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Now that the leaves have fallen off the trees, the preschoolers have been taken notice of them. We brought in a few red maple leaves for the preschoolers to observe under a magnify glass.

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The preschoolers have also been exploring the leaves outside on the playground that blew in. The worked together to rake them into a pile and then tossed them into the air to watch them fall.

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A few preschoolers decided to take turns playing baseball with each other. They shared two bats among each other and practiced aiming for the ball instead of the pitch.


When we set up an obstacle course outside, the preschoolers immediately try to start balancing on it. They love pretending the grass is lava and try to avoid stepping down onto it.

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The preschoolers got the chance to use their own individual bubble wands to blow mini bubbles for friends to catch. Once they blew them they tried to chase after them before they blew away.


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