Our Week at a Glance…. Nov. 22-26, 2021

Continuing to care for our plants and insects...

We got a sprout!!!

The children were so excited to see that our plant sprung a sprout, we examined it and gave it some water, and later in the week discovered we had a couple more sprouts had emerged! We gave the snails some veggies and encouraged them to eat by putting them next to the food.


IMG_0874  IMG_0844


We are getting so good at tracing our letters and practicing them on our own too!

IMG_0897  IMG_0896

IMG_0895  IMG_0885

IMG_0978  IMG_0977

Freeze tag, Red light Green light, and hide and seek, we are getting very good at playing these games.

IMG_0910  IMG_0915

IMG_0913  IMG_0918

IMG_0919  IMG_1014

IMG_1017  IMG_1016

IMG_1022  IMG_1019

Pencils before colour...

We are learning how to use pencils and erasers to help us better plan out our drawings before we add colour...

IMG_0986  IMG_0984

IMG_0987  IMG_0985

IMG_1032  IMG_0989

IMG_0988  IMG_0984

IMG_1034 IMG_1030

How far can you jump??

Testing our own abilities

IMG_0942  IMG_0938

IMG_0936  IMG_0935IMG_0944

Sensory play!

Sand and water exploration!

Funnels are so fascinating, the sand just pours out

IMG_0968  IMG_0966IMG_0949  IMG_1064

Adding colours to our water using squirt bottles

IMG_0815  IMG_0817IMG_0819  IMG_0818

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