New Week New Discoveries Nov. 8-12, 2021

This week the children were imitating adults outside by using power tools to fix bikes and caring for their babies


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We continue to challenge ourselves on the rope swing and by building obstacle courses. Balancing and jumping are just some of the skills being practiced.

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The children are participating in so many group games these days, See the Sleeping Bunnies, What Time is it Mr Wolf, Hide n Seek are just some of the games being played. They are coming up with their own games as well,like bowling and keep the ball on the see saw! These experiences promote peer connection and social skills.

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Indoors we continue to promote expression and fine motor and literacy skills the beading, stenciling, tracing, painting and drawing.

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Their drawings are getting so detailed and recognizable. We are offering different types of paper and encouraging peers to revisit their pictures and to draw intentionally.

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The children's quest to be big continues. This week they showed each other 'real ' boo boos, and investigated real x rays. We created a sign in sheet for the doctors office; a great way to fostering literacy and recognizing their names.

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The children love washing dishes, and sweeping the floor, just like mom and dad.

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The preschoolers loved eating the fresh herbs out of the garden on the playground so we decided to bring our fresh rosemary inside and also plant some more herb seeds to continue enjoy these fragrant plant throughout the winter. They help from start to finish and even swept up after!



We love the magnetic bingo chips! Soe peers sort while others seem to enjoy the visual aspect of the play.



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This week we discovered blue and yellow make green and loved burying and finding items in the sand, filling an dumping and collecting and sorting items. Sensory play is fantastic!


Peers continue to play so co operatively together , whether it is building with lego, blocks or marble mazes, we are sharing materials and spaces.

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We want to give a big welcome to Sarah who is the new educator in our classroom. We are so excited to have her be a part of our learning journey!!


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