Our Week of Discovery – November 8-12, 2021


The preschoolers continue to explore their creative side using both water colour paint and acrylic paint. We noticed that when they use the water colour paint their pictures use darker colours and are more abstract compared to acrylic where it is vibrant and for recognizable images.


Some friends continue to draw recognizable pictures like robots while others make fake words and pretend to be teachers writing.


Many of the preschoolers have been interested in creating jewelry by stringing various sized and coloured beads.



We are still observing and caring for our herb plants we planted weeks ago. The preschoolers have been watering the a few times a week.


The preschoolers continue to be curious about the snails and what they can do. We built a tube for the snails to crawl through and added a few slides for them.


The preschoolers continue to impress us with the structures they build using various materials such as magnets, blocks and duplex. From tiny cities to tall towers, they show us just how creative they can be.


A few of the preschoolers decided they wanted to have a picnic outside using a blanket from the house. Improvising, they create a fake campfire using blocks and a Velcro pad and pretended to be camping.


A few of the preschoolers have been role-playing selling ice cream outside and buying the ice cream. The person selling pretends to push buttons to lower the ice cream on an invisible conveyor to serve.


Some of the preschoolers began using our fake tools to repair the balance bike outside. Using the wrench to twist the bars and the drill to tighten the bolts show us that the preschoolers know how to use the tools.

IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0776

Preschoolers got together and played hot potato with a rubber ball. Once they did it a few rounds they tried to see how fast they could get the ball around the circle.

IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0791 IMG_0788

We held a race outside among the preschoolers to run a lap around the playground. Once they reached the end of the race, everyone celebrated each other's placement in the race.




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