Halloween Fun…and A Peek into our Week!! November 1-5, 2021

Halloween it always such an exciting time of year for everyone!!

We loved getting dressed up in our costumes and showing them off to our friends!

IMG_0277  IMG_0279

IMG_0278  IMG_0280


Parading around the centre for treats...so much fun!

And getting to eat a little treat was even better!

IMG_0286  IMG_0288

IMG_0285  IMG_0289

IMG_0292  IMG_0297


Outdoor Festivities!!

IMG_0317  IMG_0307

IMG_0303  IMG_0306

IMG_0301  IMG_0308

IMG_0322  IMG_0302

On to our week of fun and learning!!

Magnet discoveries!

At the beginning of the week we had some questions about magnets and why they stick to some things and not other things. As we explored different objects, we discovered magnets stick to metal!

IMG_0434  IMG_0431

IMG_0425  IMG_0426

IMG_0413 IMG_0422Sensory  Play!!

Our preschool friends are very sensory orientated, they love playing with water, sand, and play dough.

IMG_0396  IMG_0398

IMG_0383  IMG_0386


IMG_0406 IMG_0347

IMG_0345  IMG_0345

Outdoor fun!!

Learning to play Mr. Wolf has been the highlight of our week, we are getting very good at it!

IMG_0455  IMG_0560

IMG_0464  IMG_0372

IMG_0373  IMG_0375

We are beginning to see our preschool friends drawn some recognizable pictures, as well are continuing to trace pictures and learn to trace or spell our names.

IMG_0350  IMG_0501

IMG_0548  IMG_0502

IMG_0403  IMG_0405

Lets see where our learning journey takes us next week!! stay tuned.

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