Our Week of Discovery – October 25-29, 2021


The preschoolers have been expressing their creative side through their use of acrylic paint and water colour paint. We have noticed them beginning to consider what colours to use and forming recognizable shapes in their art.


Some preschoolers have been using our face stencils to practice making facial features with the water colour paints.


The preschoolers have continued to practice their letter and number tracing with our literacy/numeracy sheets.


A select group of preschoolers have become fascinated by the small magnets with the magnet wands. They have been testing making the small magnet move on different surfaces with the wand.


Since we got a our new blue play dough, the preschoolers have been combining it with the potato head parts to create their own creatures.


The preschoolers loved our outdoor herb garden so much that we decided to plant a few seeds inside for them to grow. They decided on the seeds, filled the pots and water them!


We reopened the sensory bin inside to fill with sand and the preschoolers have been loving it. From burying treasure to building sand castles and a volcano, the preschoolers have been creative with their sand exploration.


Using the squeeze bottles with colour dye to add to water continues to be an activity that the preschoolers are fascinated by. Watching the colours mix with the clear water or with other colours to see what they make.


The preschoolers continue to create their own sports games outside using the traffic cones. They would toss a tennis ball back and forth with the cones and try and catch it.


The preschoolers have been fond of us drawing letter/number circles on the pavement for them to hop on!


With all the rain we have had, the preschoolers have loved jumping and splashing in the puddles that formed on the playground.


The highlight of the week has been watching the progress of the the construction site next to the playground. The preschoolers were excited to watch the crane be put up, asking lots of questions about it.


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