A Look into Preschool 1 Week October 18-22, 2021

Learning to use scissors has been an ongoing interest among our preschool friends. As educators our role is to promote, foster and encourage these emerging skills by proving activities to enhance our fine motor skills.


IMG_9684  IMG_9667

IMG_9669  IMG_9668

Learning to trace letters using our wipe on/off alphabet sheets.

IMG_9663  IMG_9664

Cutting play dough with our small kitchen knives.

IMG_9730  IMG_9728

Co-operative games together!! Promoting turn taking, playing together, negotiating role amongst friends.


IMG_9710  IMG_9713

IMG_9699  IMG_9701

IMG_9755  IMG_9754

Shadows...where do they come from? Where did it go?

We noticed a shadow that comes on the wall the same time everyday, it seems to really get our attention as we explore the different shadows we can create on the wall.

IMG_9725 IMG_9722

IMG_9726  IMG_9803

IMG_9806  IMG_9805

Water colour experimenting continues...

We discovered mixing red and yellow makes ORANGE!! If we add blue it turns GREEN!!

IMG_9783 - Copy

IMG_9779 - Copy  IMG_9773 - Copy

IMG_9772 - Copy  IMG_9782 - Copy

IMG_9771 - Copy

Playing together and working together...team work makes dream work!!

IMG_9736  IMG_9635

IMG_9633  IMG_9816 - Copy

IMG_9796 - Copy  IMG_9790 - Copy


I wonder what discoveries will come from next week??

Stay tuned to find out...

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