Week of New Discoveries – October 12-15, 2021


We have been encouraging the preschoolers to use tools such as tracers and stencils to practice creating recognizable pictures. They have been combining this with their practice at using water colour paint and the light table.


During free painting, we get to see how skilled the preschoolers are at painting. Many of them seem to like creating colourful lines.


Preschoolers have also been trying to get a hold of using their pincer grip to pick up the tiny jewels and squares to put on their glued paper. We have been teaching them to put the glue on the paper first then add the jewels and squares.


Many of the preschoolers have been using the wipe off letter sheets to practice their upper case and lower case. Some of the preschoolers have been even attempting to trace their own name on the artwork.


A giant house spider was brought in, in a jar for the preschoolers to look at. They were fascinated by it and asked several questions about the spider and spiders in general.


The preschoolers usually build unique looking creations using our tiny blocks from castles to towers. We noticed that the preschoolers picked which blocks to use  based on a colour scheme.


The preschoolers explored a lot during their water play session. Some of them poured water to see how it would react with themselves and other objects. Others liked taking care of the sea animals in their bin such as giving them a bath by pouring water on them.


Some of the preschoolers got together and played instruments with one and other. We sang songs to the instruments such as Old McDonald and Bingo was his name.



Some of the preschoolers have taken an interest in building sand castles in the sandbox outside. We noticed that a few worked together to fill a bucket and pat it down flat.


A group of preschoolers used the play tools to go around the playground and try and fix it up. From the lookout tower to the hose, the preschoolers swapped off tools with each other.


Building an obstacle course to walk along continues to challenge the preschooler's balancing skills. The also enjoy swapping pieces around and building their own to walk on.


A few of our preschoolers set up some pylons and began playing a game of bowling. They would stand a good distance away and toss the ball at the pylons to try and knock them down.

What will they discover next week?


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