Week of Learning and Discovery Oct 11-15, 2021

Indoors the children have been so engaged playing with kinetic sand, construction vehicles, and blocks. Filling up the trucks and diggers or putting the sand o top of vehicles and watching it slowly fall off. We offered rocks and pinecones to extend the play. Some peers made imprints while other buried the rocks in the sand or made rock walls.

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We loved observing new bugs found on the playground. Preschoolers talked about what they thought the some bugs were. Is it a caterpillar, worm or snail? Either way we enjoy watching creatures crawl around, and are learning to just look not touch because they are living creatures.

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We are getting so good at drawing recognizable pictures these days. There seems to be an interest in making faces; happy sad. mad and even frightened. Some draw freehand while others use tracers. We are encouraging the children to plan before they draw and to use a pencil first before painting. What budding artists!

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At the light table we have explored letters and colored tubes. Some peers can identify what letter their name starts with, amazing! Others like using the light table to trace pictures or worksheets.

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We have seen quite a bit of baby care this week. Friends are pretending to be doctors to their babies or mothers; singing a lullaby to help their baby sleep. What nurturers!

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Many preschoolers re created aspects of their thanksgiving dinner this week. Ellie made carrots and Levi followed suit; cooking his carrots on the stove. Vera made rainbow pie to serve to peers while Benny made rainbow heart pie, yum!


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Color exploration and water play were very popular this week. Green was the most asked for color to create. Peers hypothesized what colors to combine to make green. We discovered adding red to blue and yellow creates brown! Others are more interested in filling, dumping, collecting using spoons or adding sea creatures to role play.


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The giant planter box has been a great place to dig and find bugs this week. The chives are so yummy to eat too!

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The preschoolers came up  with a new game this week called ice cream ball, fantastic! Hide and go seek has been so fun and the children are really starting to understand how this game works.


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Baby care continued outside this week too, lying down with our babies or rocking them and taking them for a ride in the car.

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Baseball is great way for peers to practice waiting their turn and it also promote accuracy.

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So much learning and fun this week!

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