Our Busy Week of Discovery – October 4-8, 2021


The preschoolers have been learning how to use the water colour paints to create pictures, going through the steps of wetting their brushes to use the paint.


For friends that have gotten the hang of the water colour paints, we have offered for them to use tracers with them, teaching them to paint within the lines to create their picture.


The preschoolers are also exploring other creative medians such as using pastels for drawing pictures and using tools such as the stand-up easels.


In addition to the creative play, we have begun to challenge the preschoolers fine motor skills through threading string through the holes on our farm animal cutouts.


Some of the preschoolers have been using the tiny blocks to build mini structures such as castles, houses, and towers!



Our instruments have become a hit among the preschoolers as they begin to get the hang of using the maracas, guitar, triangle, and bongos to create music with each other.


The preschoolers have been exploring colour mixing in the water bins by using squirt bottles filled with food colouring.


Our older preschoolers have begun using our wipe off letter tracing sheets to practice tracing both upper and lower case letters. For our younger friends, the letter puzzle helps them with letter recognition.


The letter recognition continues outside where we drew the alphabet on the pavement using chalk. The preschoolers would walk and hop on each letter, saying the name of it and a word that began with that letter.


The preschoolers have been working together to build different variations of the obstacle course outside. Many of them like to add stools that they can jump off of at the end of the course.


Some of the preschoolers sat down in a circle outside and began passing the big purple ball around, taking turns to pass it.


With the rain at the beginning of the week, we got to see the preschoolers individually react to it. Some friends tried to catch the raindrops with the hands and tongues, while others tried to "pop" the rain with their hands.

What will the preschoolers discover next week?


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