Week In Review Sept 26-Oct 1. 2021

We started off the week by revisiting some welcome documentations that were done for new children who started in the program. They seemed to really like looking at pictures of themselves and describing what they were doing in the picture. I think it creates such a sense of belonging too!

IMG_3261 IMG_3262

Lots of interest in pastels this week. educators have been modelling different ways we can use this creative tool such as shading and blurring colors.


IMG_3311 IMG_3310

The children are imitating these methods  and creating colorful, vibrant pictures.

IMG_3370 IMG_3369 IMG_3260

There has been lots of team work demonstrated throughout the week. Whether it is building roads together, or building with Lego, such positive social interactions have been exhibited.

IMG_3263 IMG_3266 IMG_3380 IMG_3384

Waterplay was popular too! Some peers requesting color, while other's seemed more focused on the filling and dumping aspect of the play.

IMG_3377 IMG_3375 IMG_3372 IMG_3371

Four baby snails were brought in for the children to observe. We are learning that we need to be so gentle with the fragile creatures. Peers used great sentences to describe what the snails were doing. " He's climbing the wall!"

IMG_3342 IMG_3343 IMG_3347

Outdoors we have seen lots of running races, tag and Ring Around the Rosie. Some great group games that support their social development.

IMG_3267 IMG_3290

Not to mention building obstacle and hockey!

IMG_3278 IMG_3283

What great letter recognition; peers identified the first letter of their name!

IMG_3341 - Copy IMG_3318 - CopyIMG_3337 - Copy IMG_3320 - Copy

The parachute was a very exciting addition to the playground. It's so great to see the preschoolers challenging themselves and swinging like monkeys!

IMG_3362 IMG_3365 IMG_3317

What a fantastic week of fun and discovery!

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