A Peek into our Week!! September 27-Octber 1, 2021

Intentional creations!!

Our preschool friends enjoy painting on a daily basis, we decided to offer some tracers to help create some intentional pictures, as well as help to enhance those fine motor skills and had eye coordination. We tried the tracer with many different art medians such as...water colour pencils and paints, markers,  and pastels.

IMG_8790  IMG_8793

IMG_8839  IMG_8808

IMG_8806  IMG_8804


Alphabet Hopscotch

One of our friends suggested we make a hopscotch as we had many times before. This time giving the children some options they decided they wanted letters instead of numbers. As we made the boxes the children helped by reciting the alphabet.

IMG_8851  IMG_8869

IMG_8868  IMG_8855

Most of our preschool friends immediately found the letter for their name...."A is for...R is for...", but others named different animals or objects as they jumped on the letters. "E is for elephant, M is for monkey, A is for airplane."

Water colour Experiments!!

We started with just plain old water, having a variety of bottles along with the three primary colours available. Our preschool friends chose which colour the wanted to start with adding it to their water and watching the colour change. Some children used a two colours to create a secondary colour while other wanted them all creating a swampy colour.

IMG_8882  IMG_8883

IMG_8900  IMG_8887

IMG_8896  IMG_8894

IMG_8898  IMG_8890

IMG_8902  IMG_8901

Co-operative games and playing together!!

IMG_8866  IMG_8865

Bringing out the parachute to encourage working together, playing together, listening and following instructions.  Our preschool friends had so much fun playing with the parachute shaking it, waving it up and down, going in circles with friends as we sing ring a rosie.

IMG_8909  IMG_8912

IMG_8951  IMG_8925

IMG_8925  IMG_8944

IMG_8949  IMG_8948

Making connections, building bonds and new friendships!!

IMG_8961  IMG_8828

IMG_8829  IMG_8787

IMG_8936  IMG_8939

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