Week in Review Sept 20-24, 2021

Indoors, we continue to explore many types of art media and tools. We are learning to use scissors and rinsing in between colors when painting.

IMG_3233 - Copy IMG_3103

The preschoolers love using the pastels and are learning how you can smudge them to blend colors


The introduction of kinetic sand  sparked such engagement among the children this week. They have been using the construction vehicles with the sand; replicating what has been seen outside with construction.

IMG_3256 - Copy IMG_3257 IMG_3258 - Copy

The children's love for building continues, whether it is magnets, marble mazes or blocks. They are all a great avenue for expression and engagement.

IMG_3204 IMG_3085 IMG_3196IMG_3112

Color exploration through water play or at the light table engages their imagination and supports peer connection and curiosity.

IMG_3218 IMG_3237

The green grass growing in our aquarium captured the eye of some friends, how exciting!!


Outdoors the preschoolers have been creating paths with the wood pieces and using scooters or feet to follow the line.

IMG_3248 IMG_3244

IMG_3143 IMG_3255

The child have been using the tools up on the lookout tower; perhaps imitating what they are seeing with the construction?

IMG_3253 IMG_3096

They are also using the tools to fix bike and cars. Aspiring mechanics!!


Bubbles are always a hit and catching  a bubble creates such excitement!!

IMG_3091 IMG_3136

We continue to challenge ourselves while swinging on the rope. Great job preschoolers!

IMG_3059 IMG_3239

Till next week's discoveries!!

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