Our Week at a Glance……

Our out door explorations!!

Our preschool friends love tasting the herbs for our garden, some friends prefer the chives while other prefer the basil... we even have friends who do not like either.

IMG_8660  IMG_8659

IMG_8658  IMG_8662

As we are developing friendships with our new group of peers, we are learning to play game with one another, learning to take turns with one another as well as sharing with our friends.


IMG_8725  IMG_8720


Hide and Seek!!

We are learning how to playing hide and seek and find really good hiding spots!!

IMG_8763  IMG_8762

IMG_8756  IMG_8758


  IMG_8764  IMG_8765

Kinetic Sand!!

Using work trucks just like the workers outdoors. Filling the dump trucks using the excavators. Creating boulders to put in our trucks to transport to the worksite. We like the sticky feeling of the sand and the way it drips off our fingers!!

IMG_8772  IMG_8771

IMG_8748  IMG_8749

IMG_8743  IMG_8742

IMG_8736 IMG_8737

Marble maze madness!!

Engaging our preschool friends through activities like the marble maze, we find this toy a bit tricky but helps us to concentrate and problem solve together!

IMG_8669  IMG_8670

IMG_8668  IMG_8665

IMG_8680  IMG_8781


More water play!!

Requesting different colours to explore in the water along with our squeeze bottles, eyedroppers, and funnels!

IMG_8774  IMG_8773

IMG_8779  IMG_8776

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