A Sneak Peek into our Week!! June 21-25, 2021

IMG_5683Creating our very own alphabet books!

IMG_5655  IMG_5569

IMG_5570  IMG_5569

IMG_5686  IMG_5685

IMG_5683  IMG_5691

IMG_5684  IMG_5692


We started the process of creating books to enhance our literacy skills. We started by creating title pages decorating them to our liking. Working together to use the binding machine to put the books together. The children eagerly got right to work practicing their letters then drawing pictures that went along with the letter.

Examining natural items

IMG_5481  IMG_5479

IMG_5478  IMG_5468

IMG_5471  IMG_5472


Some really neat thing were brought in by the teacher in the other group we just had to have a closer look. The preschoolers used magnifying glasses and as the examined these items we discussed possible theories about where the and feathers were from. There was a bird skull and some friends were positive it was from a woodpecker. They also thought the big feather was from a falcon.

We have decide to add a hospital to our box city!!

IMG_5645  IMG_5495

IMG_5690  IMG_5689

We have only just begun but the children have so many ideas. Lets see where this takes us..

IMG_5643 IMG_5642


Creative ways to fill and dump our water containers!

IMG_5710  IMG_5713

IMG_5709  IMG_5708


Tracing more new pictures...we are getting very good at this!

IMG_5677  IMG_5678


Hot days make for lots of water play fun....

IMG_5511  IMG_5507

IMG_5504  IMG_5497

and a nice cool treat to eat!

IMG_5615 IMG_5616

IMG_5617  IMG_5618

Target practice

IMG_5601  IMG_5595


WE are keeping score and cheering each other on!

Team work makes dream work!

IMG_5629  IMG_5571

stay tuned for next weeks adventures!

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