Monthly Archives: November 2019

Different Perspectives – Nov. 18-19, 2019

This week Gill integrated a new toy into the classroom for the toddlers to explore; a toy bus with magnetic letters. In doing so we've noticed that the toddlers have utilized the toy in different ways. The driver of the play at first seemed to be related to the music the toy bus made. The…
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First Snowfall! Nov.13, 2019

For many toddlers; this is their first experience with snow. It's amazing to see this experience through the eyes of a toddler and makes you remember how beautiful and magical it can be! The children challenged their abilities and pulled peers on sleds. They took turns independently saying: 'my turn now" to peers. We praised and…
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Inquiry and Problem Solving – Nov. 1-7, 2019

We have observed so much problem solving and active inquiry from the children this week. We've been trying to challenge the toddlers with a series of materials, both from last week and new this week. One thing Gill and I have noticed is that problem solving is occurring in different areas of the classroom rather…
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